I think I have loved handwriting since the day I was introduced to it. I remember sitting at our den table as a determined little girl, crayon in hand, as my older brother watched carefully over my shoulder, pointing out every time my "r"s faced the wrong direction. (The same brother would also unknowingly ignite my love for books and reading...thanks, Fin!) I always was (and still am) inspired by my creative sister-in-law who used to send me weekly mail with colorful doodles and beautifully scripted quotes. I saved every single thing she sent me and would even copy the way she wrote certain letters. Her handwriting has had a major influence on my own, even to this day! I perfected the art of "sign making" with markers for my friends as a middle schooler and moved on to Homecoming banners as a high schooler. In college, I addressed my own wedding invitations, as well as several friends' post graduation. It seems like no matter what phase of life I am in, I have always found a creative outlet in hand lettering and doodling, whether it was practicing my cursive letters over and over or filling my college notes with embellished script and drawings. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before I would take my first official calligraphy class and finally open up shop.

noteworthy & blue has been a growing creative outlet for me and has taken on quite a few identities. It started off as a photography blog and place for me to write and has morphed into a collection of pretty paper and lettering adventures. The idea of something being "noteworthy" implies that it stands out, catches your eye, even if it's the most seemingly ordinary of things (one of the reasons I also love photography so much!). Plus, if I'm being honest, I have a slight obsession with all things paper, pens, notes, and stationery.  And blue...I love blue. It's the color of the house I grew up in, the bird I own, my husband's eyes, and one too many items around my house and in my closet. It, and all its shades, are just lovely and vast...it can be as free as the open sky or as melancholy as the deep blue. It speaks to me.

So welcome to my little creative space! As you can see, I love hand lettering and look forward to continually refining my classic calligraphy skills. I spend my days in the most beautiful library, surrounded by good books and great people. My husband Gabriel is simply the best...he's in Divinity school, my favorite preacher, and enjoys cereal (seriously...he buys three boxes every time we go to the grocery store). I am a bird mom (I take my responsibilities very seriously) to a funny little parakeet named Milo, who enjoys saying "Pretty Bird!," constantly attempting to sit on our heads, and putting his toys in his water bowl. every. day. (I think he's going through an adolescent phase). Other than that, I drink way too much coffee, stay up way too late, and get up way too early most days...I'm pretty much a professional napper. I love where I'm from and hope I live here always...Alabama and I do share the same birthday, after all (just a few years apart)!

Thanks for stopping by!

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